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Want to rant and rave about your job as a waitress or bartender? Leave a review! Looking for the bars and restaurants with the best tips, scheduling, and management to work for? Read anonymous reviews left by the restaurant staff.

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Tell us all the dirt you dish at ITB night or over a couple shift beers with your best coworkers. Rate your tips and your management, your sidework and your crew, and tell us why you love/hate your bar or restaurant.

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Read our reviews and maximize your time applying, training, and working. Discover which bars and restaurants are best for part time work or fill in shifts, and those best for a career in fine dining.

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Top Rated Restaurant Employee Reviews

Check out our top rated bars and restaurants for the best places to work in your area. The list features places with the highest ratings overall in categories such as tips, flexibility, management, and sidework.

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