4 Reasons Having A Second Job in Hospitality Will Lessen Your Stress

Waiter serves her guest with hot coffee.

Though the thought of two jobs is somewhat daunting to those who’ve never attempted it, the majority of people in the double job grind actually say the opposite. Working two jobs actually lessens stress. Why? Well the most obvious reason, extra money! Having a second job also means having a second paycheck. Whether that paycheck is used to bridge the gap us underpaid 9-5ers of the world tend to face between paychecks (you know, that 3 day period of time when you’re contemplating if you can afford late night fries and a frosty), or a little extra spending money, money is money, and it’s glorious.

Secondly, most people who work two jobs will tell you that they consider their second job to be something they do because they enjoy it. Maybe fun is pushing it, but they wouldn’t be working it if it were miserable, let’s put it that way.  For me, one particular industry really stood out when it came to lessening the stress of my daily life.


The hospitality industry is probably the most common of second jobs. Waitressing and bartending shifts are usually flexible, and most of the time restaurants are looking for people they can consider “fill ins,” the people who are actually willing to work the holidays or stay late on a Friday night. By why is hospitality such a stress reliever?

1. All. Out. Debauchery.

I don’t care what restaurant you choose to work in, every restaurant has its fair share of funny business. Whether it’s the token clown copping a feel as you refill sodas, the bartender giving you the “leftovers,” of his frozen drinks, or the epic wipeouts the whole kitchen witnesses the days you forget to wear your non-slips, you will find it’s almost impossible to really stay uptight and stressed while working in the service industry.

2. The Melting Pot Theory

This is just from my own personal experiences, but the hospitality industry attracts the most eclectic personalities on this Earth. You’ll find there’s the kind, caring types that don’t mind listening to you vent or giving you advice over a cup of coffee, the clowns, the partiers, the old, the young, and everything in between. The craziest thing though is that you find friendship in the most unlikely of characters.

I knew one bartender who also worked as a tour guide all around South Florida. The guy was goofy as could be but he was like a walking history book.  Always had some cool piece of knowledge to share or some crazy story about how he and his tour group almost drown in a rainstorm on a pontoon in the Everglades.

Another guy drank an orange soda every day without fail, and another woman collected cow figurines.  If there’s one thing I do know, it’s that I don’t like pontoons, orange soda, or cows but I’m still friends with all three of those people to this day.

3. You’re Forced To Be Nice

The number one rule in hospitality. It’s not like your office job where you can plug in one headphone and still listen in silent judgment as your incompetent cube mate rants and raves about why he should have gotten a bigger raise or why the Miami Dolphins are destined for a winning season after 17 losing years.

There were times I sat wallowing in my own misery all day. Whether it was a bad breakup or the dull defeat of flopping a big presentation, I would dread going to work. My day would drag on and my night shift seemed like just another obstacle I had to “get through.” But every time without fail I’d get to work only to find myself laughing or smiling or greeting the nice old lady who said I had beautiful earrings with genuine happiness in my heart. Somehow, someway kindness is contagious.  It’s reciprocated, and even if it feels forced to start, I guarantee it will end up feeling genuine by the end of the night.

 4. The Free Food & Drinks

Okay, let’s bring it back now y’all. One of the biggest perks and stress relieving parts about working in the biz is the free food! (and drinks).  At some point or another the cooks will do you a solid, and even if they don’t there’s always perfectly good food to be sent back and employee items to be comped.  Whether it’s just free soup and salad or a burger on the house, it’s soup and salad and burgers that you don’t have to buy or cook, and that is a beautiful thing my friend.

Plus, waiters and waitresses and bartenders are always down for a drink… or 6. It could be a Tuesday night at 8:30 or a Friday night at 12am–I guarantee that someone will want to drink with you.  Why? No reason.  Don’t need one. I remember going for drinks three nights straight one week all because some random scientist blew up the news saying it was going to be the end of the world. So we celebrated the night it was supposed to end, the day it was supposed to end, and the day after, because well, we survived!

So there you have it. Having a second job in the hospitality industry really does lessen your stress. It’s one of the few industries where you’re encouraged to have fun, be happy, and really get along with your co-workers all while making money and eating free.


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