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Let’s be real, working in the restaurant business is sort of like being a part of a small street gang. You band together. Whether it’s your own coworkers, or the staff of a nearby bar or restaurant, you inevitably become friends or at least acquaintances. It’s almost like a right of passage, an instant bond of trust; a network where you can rant and rave, and share the awesome, terrible, or completely weird stories about where you work.

Naturally, you go for a drink or some food after your shift and talk about your night with the bartender or waiter serving your group. Maybe you complain about your stickler manager or celebrate a big money shift with a round on you. You dish the dirt about your place, and they dish the dirt about theirs.

So why not bring the network to life? Share the dirt. Write a review about your bar or restaurant here, and help others in the biz find the best and worst places to work.